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“In short, his body and soul were immersed in every piece. Thus, elements both ancient and modern provided inspiration for a large body of paintings that form his cosmic codex. The stylized female figure is likely a sylph. The pictograph may refer to an ancient myth. Other recurring subjects included goddesses, mythical animals, sea creatures, geese, pelicans, and pomegranates. The process might appear both random and obsessive to the observer yet these strokes were assuredly from the steady hand of a master.”

– Quote From Peter Hastings Falk, award winning author, biographer on American artists and host to the website “

Women With Grapes

Woman With Blue Horse

Geese Over Copala

Women With Chile Ristra

Woman With Sea Shells

Woman With Red Bull

Woman With Rooster and Laying Hens

Woman With Red Bird

Woman With Nesting Geese

Clam Diggers

Woman With Flowers

Woman Entangled

Sausalito Lady

The Celebration Across the River

San Blas

Gathering Across the River

My Last Farm Again

Mesopotamian Blue

Man Woman Horse


Kitchen with Red Teapot

Horses in the Village

Horses in the Pines

Horse in the Orchard

Between the Sky and the Sea

Ida By Moonlight

The Cartographers Dream

Man Spearing Fish

Piscean Woman

Water Bearer

Riders to the Sea

Temple Women With Indigo and Cobalt Green

The Steeple Chase

Wine God

Woman With Harvest Moon

Woman With Geese

Woman With Pomegranates

Elfago Baca Leaving the Farm

Lovers Again, Again

Antelope Dance

Man in Yellow Hat

Five Graces


Flight from Ethuria